Thinking of trying Lawn Bowls

Are you thinking about playing bowls, would you like to have a go? We have bowls for all age groups.

Why not? Ask anyone at our club why they play. You will get lots of answers but, in general, it will be “it’s fun, I enjoy it, be it competitive or social”. Games are decided by a mixture of skill, tactics and luck (and not necessarily in that order).

It is a sport for all. It is not a game for the elderly, but it is a sport you can continue to play into your old age, whilst making many new friends. One of the most frequently heard comments from new bowlers is ”I wish I had taken up bowls years ago”.

It doesn’t take long to pick up the basics of the game but you can spend years seeking to master it.

We would be delighted if you would like to try your hand at bowls at our club. We can provide all the equipment you require but you will need to bring a pair of trainers. One of our experienced members will take you on the green and get you bowling. If you decide to take up the game you will find it is not an expensive sport to play.