Bowling and social activities – Our members can take part in club competitions, league games, friendly matches, jumbles, practice time as well as regular social events.

Open competitions – These allow members to visit other clubs to play competitively. The 2021  Open competitions listed below have their dates based on previous years and should only be used as a guide. Confirmed dates are in bold type.

Entering Open competitions – Always contact the club to confirm the date, cost, start time, venue, type and format of the competition.

April and MayDateVenue and Format
Sunday25 April 2021Kirkbride mens Triples
Saturday01 May 2021Gretna American Rinks              Lesbury Pairs          St Ronans 3 bowl pairs
Sunday02 May 2021Tweedmouth Triples                   New Abbey Mixed American Triples
Monday03 May 2021Rothbury pairs                     Selkirk pairs
Thursday06 May 2021Scarborough Crown Green Singles Qualifier
Saturday08 May 2021Berwick triples                    Eastriggs triples              Creetown Pairs
Kirconnel triples                 Cockermouth                     Harris Park mens triples
Selkirk pairs
Sunday09 May 2021Caldbeck mixed triples     Gosforth Pairs
Duns Pairs                             Chirnside Singles
Wilton Pairs                         Kirkcudbright mixed Pairs        Lockerbie  Triples
Thursday13 May 2021Lockerbie ladies pairs            Scarborough Crown Green Singles Qualifier
Friday14 May 2021Dumfries ladies pairs
Saturday15 May 2021 Gretna pairs                            Wigton Park mens pairs         Langholm singles
Ayton Pairs                            Greenlaw Mixed Triples            Darlington South Park Anniversary Invitation Fours
Sunday16 May 2021Annan pairs                           Crichton ladies pairs            St Mungo triples                 
Skelton mens triples         Wigton mens triples          Whitehaven ladies triples
Temple Sowerby ladies triples      Spittal Pairs          Dalbeatie Mixed Pairs
 Darlington South Park Anniversary Invitation Fours
Wednesday19 May 2021Beechgrove mixed pairs
Thursday21 May 2021Scarborough Crown Green Singles Qualifier
Saturday22 May 2021Annan American triples         Maxwelltown mixed triples          Chirnside Pairs
Ettrick Forrest triples
Sunday23 May 2021Cleator Moor Ladies Triples    Dumfries mixed pairs          Tweedmouth Triples
Crichton mixed triples        Sanquhar Triples
Eaglesfield pairs                    Port Carlisle triples              Appleby mixed triples
Caldbeck mens fours           Hunden Park Pairs                Dalbeatie Mixed Rinks           
Thursday27 May 2021Dalbeatie ladies pairs        Scarborough Crown Green Singles Qualifier
Saturday29 May 2021Eyemouth Triples                  Keswick Fitz Park mixed triples      Selkirk triples
Greenlaw Mixed Pairs        Eastriggs pairs                     Marchmount mixed pairs 
Langholm triples         
Sunday30 May 2021Gateshead Pairs       
Pelton fell pairs Two Day Event                Cockermouth Croft mixed triples
Kirkbride mixed triples       Kirkcudbright triples              Lockerbie mixed pairs
Monday 31 May 2021Spittal Triples                          Pelton fell pairs Two Day Event
Scarborough Crown Green Singles Qualifier                         Silloth mens pairs
JuneDateVenue and Format
Thursday03 June 2021Gatehouse mixed pairs                                Lockmaben ladies triples
Scarborough Crown Green Singles Qualifier
Saturday05 June 2021Amble triples                                   Gretna triples         Maxwelltown pairs
Marchmount mixed triples        Kirkconnel pairs      Aspatria mens triples
Eyemouth Ladies Pairs                Coldstream Pairs        Haltwhistle Pairs
Hawick Pairs
Sunday06 June 2021Vane tempest Austr Pairs         Wooler pairs              Ravensworth Pairs
Thornhill triples                            Crichton triples         Eldon Grove Pairs
Castle Douglas mens pairs       Harris Park Ladies Triples       Langholm triples
Berwick Ladies Pairs                    Silloth Triples        Whitehaven Mixed triples
Langholm triples
Tuesday08 June 2021Beechgrove pairs                        Castle Douglas ladies pairs
Thursday10 June 2021Scarborough Crown Green Singles Qualifier            Lauder pairs
Friday11 June 2021Maxwelltown ladies pairs         Annan pairs 6pm Start
Saturday12 June 2021Newbiggin pairs                            Glencairn triples           Silloth ladies pairs
Crichton mens pairs                     Chirnside Triples          Selkirk triples 
Sunday13 June 2021Ropner park pairs                          Rothbury pairs                 Sherburn Pairs
New Abbey mixed triples          Eastriggs pairs                  Linton mixed fours
St Mungo triples                             Hundens Triples            Tweedmouth Triples
Kirkcudbright mens pairs            Penrith Castle Park mens triples
Pelton Fell Double Fours             Thornhill pairs                 Amble Ladies Triples              
Scarborough Pairs Crown Green         Newcastleton triples
Tuesday15 June 2021New Abbey ladies pairs
Wednesday16 June 2021Shap mixed triples
Thursday17 June 2021Lockerbie ladies triples                Longtown Ladies Triples
Scarborough Crown Green Singles Qualifier
Saturday19 June 2021St Mungo pairs                       
Eyemouth Pairs                       Berwick Triples          Wilton Australian pairs
Wetheral ladies triples        Sanquhar Triples       Creetown Ladies Pairs
Sunday20 June 2021Ryton pairs                              Dalbeatie ladies triples
Annan singles                        Castle Douglas pairs                      Thornaby Pairs
Hebburn pairs                        Marchmount mixed triples        Dalston mens fours   
Brampton ladies triples     Maryport ladies triples           
Wednesday23 June 2021Auchencairn ladies pairs     
Thursday24 June 2021Scarborough Crown Green Singles Qualifier
Friday25 June 2021Annan pairs 6pm start                  Maxwelltown ladies triples
Newcstleton over 60 triples
Saturday26 June 2021Hebburn Singles Start                     Dumfries triples              Ayton Pairs
Whitehaven mixed pairs               Spalding triples               Eastriggs triples                
Tweedmouth Ladies Triples          Penrith Castle park ladies triples
Hawick Pairs                                       Kelso pairs              Abbotsford pairs
Ettrick forest fours
Sunday27 June 2021Hebburn Singles Final                   Cowpen Pairs                  
Sanquar ladies pairs                      Duns Park 2 bowl Triples           Spittal Singles                   
Gretna mens triples                      Kirkbride mixed triples              Appleby fours
Maxwelltown mixed triples      Workington ladies triples     
Port Carlisle triples                       Wilton Invitation Rinks             Belmont Pairs
Monday28 June 2021Courtfield Race Week
Wednesday30 June 2021St Mungo ladies triples
JulyDateVenue and Format
Thursday01 July 2021Scarborough crown green Singles quailifier            Gatehouse ladies triples
Linton ladies triples
Saturday03 July 2021Hexham pairs                                                     Berwick Invitation Pairs
Penrith castle Park mixed triples               Caldbeck ladies triples
Melrose 2 bowl triples              Kelso mixed triples
Sunday04 July 2021Bishop Auckland pairs         Blackhall 3 wood Pairs         Canonbie pairs
Dalbeatie mens pairs           Sanquar singles               Subscription Ladies Triples
Marchmount singles            Coldstream pairs              Dalston mens triples
Egremont ladies triples       Wilton Triples                 Appleby Ladies Triples  
Spittal top 15 invitation       Amble Pairs                     Langholm pairs
Wednesday07 July 2021Beechgrove ladies pairs
Thursday08 July 2021Scarborough crown green Singles qualifier               
Kirkcudbright ladies pairs                               Port Carlisle ladies triples
Saturday10 July 2021 Marchmount mens pairs        Greenlaw Pairs           Jarrow Singles 
Kirkcudbright mixed pairs      Spittal Ladies Pairs    Newcastleton pairs
Sunday11 July 2021Whitburn pairs                   Berwick Mixed pairs        Seascale Ladies Triples                        
Crichton mixed pairs         Kirkconnel pairs               St Mungo triples
Gatehouse triples            Eyemouth Triples              Wigton Finals
Caldbeck mens triples    Wooler Pairs
Thursday15 July 2021Eden lane vets pairs           Gatehouse ladies pairs 
Scarborough crown green quailifier                 Thornhill ladies triples
Courtfield ladies pairs
Saturday17 July 2021Thornhill singles             Creetown pairs                 New Abbey mixed triples
Leam Lane Charity Drawn Open                              Skelton mixed fours
Newbiggin Pairs               Eaglesfield Triples       Aspatria Mixed Triples
Lauder 3 bowl pairs         Ettrick forest triples
Sunday18 July 2021Marchmount mixed triples      Hunden triples                     Eden lane pairs                  
Langholm Singles                         Kirkcudbright pairs              Annan triples 
Whitehaven mixed triples       Gordon Triples                     Spittal Pairs
Shap mixed triples                     Port Carlisle triples               Linton mixed fours
Hawick Pairs                                 Selkirk Fours                             Earlston mixed pairs
Monday19 July 2021Annan mixed pairs                                 
Tuesday20 July 2021Annan mens pairs           Sanquar ladies triples
Wednesday21 July 2021Annan mixed triples
Thursday22 July 2021Scarborough crown green Singles qualifier                    Chester le Street Pairs
Annan 2 bowl pairs                      Auchencairn pairs          Dalston ladies triples
Friday23 July 2021Annan Triples  
Saturday24 July 2021Maxwelltown mixed fours              Eastriggs pairs          Jarrow Borough Pairs         
Penrith Friers mens triple                Berwick Pairs           St Ronans Triples
Langholm pairs
Sunday25 July 2021Abbotsford Singles                  Sanquar triples            Durham EBF Finals Day
Lockerbie mens triples           Spittal Pairs                   Annan ladies pairs
Appleby mixed triples            Duns Park Pairs            Wetheral mixed triples
Wigton Mens Pairs                 Stanwix ladies triples
Cockermouth Harris Park mixed triples                      Castle Douglas Triples 
Monday26 July 2021Maxwelltown mixed pairs        Scotish Finals Start Ayr
Tuesday27 July 2021Maxwelltown mens pairs           Workington mens fours     Wigton ladies fours      
Wednesday28 July 2021Maxwelltown ladies pairs                Berwick Ladies 2 Bowl Singles
Thursday29 July 2021Scarborough crown green Singles qualifier         Maxwelltown mixed triples
Workington mens pairs      Wigton ladies pairs
Friday30 July 2021Maxwelltown mens singles                      Maxwelltown ladies singles
Sanquar pairs 
Saturday31 July 2021Maxwelltown mens singles final               Spalding pairs
Maxwelltown ladies singles final              Penrith Friars mixed triples            
AugustDateVenue and Format
Sunday01 August 2021Bowls Durham Finals Day                      Caldbeck mixed fours
Marchmount 2 bowl mixed pairs        Scotish Finals End           Kelso triples
Lockerbie mens singles                         Vane Tempest Pairs        Dalbeatie triples
Monday02 August 2021Dumfries ladies pairs                            
Tuesday03 August 2021Dumfries/Marchmount mixed triples        
Wednesday04 August 2021Dumfries singles                                     
Thursday05 August 2021Scarborough crown green Singles qualifier                 Dumfries mixed pairs
Friday06 August 2021Dumfries mens pairs         Annan floodlit Pairs 6pm start
Saturday07 August 2021Spittal Ladies Triples             Thornhill pairs                      Gatehouse pairs
Kirkconnel triples                   Leam Lane Triples               Amble Fours
Ayton Singles                            Port Carlisle triples             Coldstream Triples
Aspatria Mens Pairs                Gretna triples                      Newcastleton triples
Bowls England starts at Leamington Spa
Sunday08 August 2021Sherburn pairs                              Dipton pairs                       Gordon Rinks    
Penrith Friars ladies triples    Elm Tree Triples                 Gosforth Triples
Dalbeatie mixed pairs               Eastriggs triples                 Linton mens triples
Bishop Auckland Triples          Chirnside Ladies Pairs      Crichton Ladies Triples
Kelso rinks   
Tuesday10 August 2021Lockerbie ladies triples
Wednesday11 August 2021Marchmount ladies triples     
Thursday12 August 2021Lochmaben ladies pairs
Friday13 August 2021Scarborough crown green Singles qualifier
Saturday14 August 2021Cramlington Pairs                    Canonbie triples                 Glencairn pairs
Silloth mixed pairs
Sunday15 August 2021Crichton mixed triples                         Thornhill triples         Selkirk Singles             Cleator Moor mixed triples
Maryport pairs                                   Wigton singles         Ryton Pairs                  Seaham Pairs                                            St Mungo Triples     Cowpen Pairs
Peebles 3 bowl pairs
Tuesday17 August 2021Castle Douglas ladies triples           
Wednesday18 August 2021Lockerbie ladies pairs
Thursday19 August 2021Thornhill Ladies Pairs                             Port Carlisle Ladies Fours
Friday20 August 2021Beechgrove pairs                       Scarborough crown green Singles qualifier
Saturday21 August 2021Newbiggin pairs                         Kirkcudbright triples              Wilton pairs
Maxwelltown mens triples    Chirnside Invitation Rinks         Annan pairs                         
EBF  Skegness starts                 Appleby mens triples          Caldbeck ladies fours    
Hexham Elvaston Mixed Triples             Earlston pairs       Ettrick forest triples
Sunday22 August 2021Horden pairs                         Richmond Pairs                            Lockerbie pairs
Auchencairn triples           Marchmount ladies pairs          Spittal Pairs
Shap mixed fours               Cleator moor triples                    Shap mixed Fours
Tuesday24 August 2021New Abbey ladies triples
Wednesday25 August 2021Chester le street triples   
Thursday26 August 2021Gatehouse Senior Mixed Triples                     Kirkbride Ladies Triples  
Scarborough crown green Singles qualifier
Friday27 August 2021Scarborough crown green Singles qualifier
Saturday28 August 2021Eastriggs pairs                       Sanquar pairs              Twedmouth Ladies Triples
Scarborough Crown Green Singles FINAL            Ettrick forest pairs
Castle Douglas Singles       New Abbey Mixed Triples
Sunday29 August 2021Dalbeattie pairs                          Chirnside  2 Bowl Pairs       Dumfries mens pairs
Hundens Australian Pairs        Dalston Mixed triples          Gretna Triples                        Hirst Park 3 wood Pairs EBF    Peebles triples                       Lauder triples
Newcastleton mixed pairs     Collingwood 2 bowl triples
Monday30 August 2021Houghton dairy lane pairs       Dawdon pairs            Tweedmouth Singles
SeptemberDateVenue and Format
Saturday4 September 2021Berwick triples                Anann pairs                              Castle Douglas pairs         
Ayton Triples                   Brampton mens Triples        Coldstream 2 bowl pairs
Hawick Pairs                     Langholm pairs                       Haddington Fours
Sunday5 September 2021Lyndhurst Pairs                      Wooler pairs                        Chirnside Pairs
St Mungo mixed pairs         Gordon Mixed Pairs          Crichton mixed triples  
Spittal Pairs                              Kirkbride mixed triples    Eyemouth Ladies Triples
Wigton triples                         Silloth Mens Pairs             Dalston mens triples 
St Ronans 2 bowl triples      Langholm mixed pairs     Hawick triples    
Haddington Fours 
Monday6 September 2021Spittal Floodlight Pairs Starts
Wednesday8 September 2021Beechgrove triples
Thursday9 September 2021Linton ladies triples            New Abbey Pairs             Kirkubright Ladies Triples
Melrose triples
Saturday11 September 2021Walkerburn pairs                                Duns Park Triples                  Lesbury Triples
Spittal Mixed 2 Bowl Pairs             Greenlaw Triples      
OSC South Shields IBC Singles      Maxwelltown Mixed Triples
Sunday12 September 2021Wilton pairs                       Kirkcudbright fours             Tweedmouth Rinks
Eaglesfield pairs               Temple Sowerby Mixed Triples        Melrose pairs
Bishop Auckland Mixed Pairs           Bonanza Bowls South Shields IBC Singles
Saturday18 September 2021Wilton Singles                 Selkirk mixed pairs             Abbotsford triples
Sunday19 September 2021Tweedmouth pairs        
Saturday25 September 2021Coldstream Ladies pairs            Eyemouth 2 Bowl Pairs        Ettrick forest triples
Saturday2 October 2021Houghton Feast singles             Gordon pairs             St Ronans pairs
Sunday3 October 2021Coldstream triples
Saturday9 October 2021Houghton Feast singles             Gordon pairs             St Ronans pairs

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